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19th May 2021, 12:51 PM
These people should not keep themselves in this stage (lack of body fat) for a long time because the body will be hormonally disturbed (due to the hormone itself being made of fats) and there is a possibility of serious damage to the body.

To prevent this injury, the body usually needs to rest for 3 months to make up for its basic deficiencies and be able to participate in the next course and competitions.
Fitness Benefits

    Achieve a high level of cardiovascular ability
    Muscular endurance
    Minimum percentage of fat
    The most standard amount of protein and muscle
    The most practical muscle strength and practical use of these abilities that help a person in his personal life during the day and is far from any diseases.

In my opinion, the best and fastest way to achieve fitness is to follow a basic exercise program and good nutrition program, and when a person reaches a certain percentage of fat, protein, water, cholesterol and total body weight, we can say that the person is fit or fit - Fit Magazine ship
How to stay fit?

As mentioned, doing these exercises for a long time and in a professional style, causes hormonal damage to the body, which to prevent these injuries, the body must rest for a while and then re-enter the professional exercises.
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For people who pursue this field and have the following goals and conditions, we recommend staying in fitness forever, and this method of basic exercise and proper nutrition should be an integral part of that person's life:
    People who do not use drugs.
    Those who do not put too much pressure on their body to achieve the minimum amount of fat.
    People who are looking to remove any excess fat from their appearance and physical body.
    People who are trying to reach a level of health where health tests do not show the slightest problem.